Sample Toastmasters speech – “Communicating on Television” manual

I am an active Toastmasters member who writes and delivers speeches all the time.  I am posting one of my sample speeches here so you get to see that Toastmasters allows you to do all kinds of fun and educational projects.  This is the last project on my “Communicating on Television” manual – Training on Television.  The requirement for this project was to present a five- to seven- minute training program with the subject of “how to prepare and present a speech.”  Because of the time limits, my training program follows the “lecture” learning strategy.  I will be evaluated only on the videotaped presentation, not on the “live” one.

For those who are interested in joining or visiting a Toastmasters club, visit our local club website  We meet both on Holloman AFB and downtown.

8 thoughts on “Sample Toastmasters speech – “Communicating on Television” manual

  1. Hi, Angie! So happy to stumble upon your blog. I am currently working on that same project (I’m a ToastMaster), but I have left my manual in a box in storage. I understand that we have to do a training video, but does it have to be on the subject of “how to present a speech”? Thanks for your help!

  2. I really enjoyed your video. I’m about to go tape mine, now I have to be careful not to rip off your speech.😉 You have a great connection with the camera. Thanks for posting this. It’s a great example.

  3. Can you help me urgently. I am VPE of Toowoomba club in District 69, Australia. I am coaching a member doing her No. 4 speech the press conference – Communicating on Television. We are both struggling with his one. What can she say in her 4-6 minute statement and what questions did the media (club) give her. This assignment involves the toy company that she is CEO of.

  4. Bravo Ms. Palmer:

    That was a very well done speech.

    I just achieved my ACB by completing the Storytelling & Entertaining Speaker manuals.

    I am now preparing my first project from the Communicating on Televisioni manual. I was searching the web for advice when I came across your video.

    I will add your site to my list of Toastmaster favorites.

    Paul T. Abramson
    Rising Star Toastmasters, Toluca Lake, California

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