I love you (part 1)

I love you from the ashram

This is the text from a class I attended in an ashram in Hong Kong last week. It’s a collection of letters to children called “I Love You,” written by Swami Chinmayananda.

“May all become happy. May none get ill. May all see auspicious everywhere. May non ever come to any sorrow.”

This really would be the ultimate goal for any human being. Be happy and be well.

The guru said by the end of this text, we would want to choose to love. I can’t wait to get to the end of this class to find out how to find the courage to love, unconditionally. It’s true that it’s easy to love when things go well. When things don’t go our way, it isn’t as easy.

Love is never easy but I think it’s worth fighting for.

Next post: I love you (part 2)

3 thoughts on “I love you (part 1)

  1. Angi,

    Finding this thread was interesting but to find the words you wrote about how one might find the courage to love unconditionally…wow, I really do understand this question. It really is the question…the ultimate answer is that we really do know that good and love are worth living for..we choose to love because at our core we know. Humanity is capable of radiating so much good..power in his or her life…look at all the obstacles that divert us in answering the most important question….why. Here is something I wrote on the general subject..hope you like it..

    “Un conditional”

    To know this love of ages sung I make my true admission
    To seek and find such beauty rare a love without condition.

    Born within the souls of men a longing to acquire
    A love so pure and selfless deep fulfilled beyond desire

    No thought of self I’m wholly yours I need you to believe
    Therein the mystery, love perplexed how strangely I receive

    This wondrous place of joy and grace that takers cannot know
    Enter only you my lover true surrendered hearts will show

    How can one know this wonder, how ever can one feel?
    One must become the giver to makes ones heart this real.


    Lawrence Schrank


      1. Greetings Angie,

        Its wonderful you are finding balance in this hectic world, I have been contemplating finding a temple in Lao and spending a few weeks…..all the best, I have several poems at the link I shared, please feel free to read them..

        here is one I hope you like that’s related..

        “The seeker”

        Born into mystery, fears turning to sin
        I searched east and west then for answers within
        for the place of true knowing was never in sight
        So I starred at the darkness knowing not who to fight
        Can the truth lead to freedom, are there answers at last
        redemption for all of the deep sorrows past.
        So I sought what I knew and found nothing at all
        I was left bare and broken so alone by the fall
        Yet my hope found was in learning that beauty is real
        its not by ones mind but ones heart that we feel
        only this way comes knowing such a gift from above
        is the secret that frees us from fear is true love…

        Lawrence Schrank



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