Vegetable dumplings. It says “vegetables.”

One thing that regular Chinese restaurants get on my nerves big time is making vegetable spring rolls with pork, vegetable soup stock with chicken, and vegetable dumplings with any kind of leftover meat. Why? The meat doesn’t make the veggie dishes more delicious. No, it doesn’t. If you’ve been to any decent vegetarian and vegan restaurants anywhere in the world, you will be nodding with me now.


How difficult is it to make vegetable dumplings without meat? Just hold the freaking meat and put in vegetables and seasonings (if you prefer) when you wrap them. That’s it. You dip the dumplings in the sauce or put them into soup stock anyway, so seasonings is an option.

I used to make my own won tons and dumplings all the time in the U.S. If a girl like me can make them, there’s no excuse for professionally trained chefs to say no.

Your thoughts?

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