Pay as you go


People have this perception that they have to eat as much as they can at a buffet, otherwise they don’t get the best value out of it. In my opinion, quantity isn’t the value of the buffet (though I bet some people will argue incessantly with me on this). The beauty of having a spread of food in front of you is the choice, the options of being able to try a variety of food. You are not supposed to eat 20 pieces of sashimi, 10 raw oysters, 5 plates of entrees, 3 plates of dessert, and 2 bowls of ice cream (unfortunately I know people who do such thing), just because you are trying to make your money worth it.

At Harvester, they seem to understand this concept. They serve Chinese vegetarian buffet by weight. It’s HK$18 per 100 grams and the minimum charge is HK$33. You pay as you go and they don’t want you to waste food. While the entrees are by weight, the soup, rice, congee, dessert, and flower tea are free flow. They provide only one choice of each item to prevent diners from being tempted to have a full plate of food they may not finish.

One of the best green eating is pay as you go. It isn’t a new concept but it’s rarely implemented in restaurants here in Hong Kong.

Your thoughts?

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