How does a vegan’s fridge look like? I posted one a few months ago and this is how it looks like right now. I bet other vegans’ fridges would look different but fruits and vegetables will dominate the bulk of it and you’ll see substitutes of cheese, butter, and milk.

I don’t like cheese, whether it’s vegan or not, but you’ll see I use Earth Balance butter and Aussie Dream organic rice milk to replace animal by-products. Almond milk or soy milk may be here instead for my fruit smoothies sometimes.

What’s yours look like?

About Angie P. 小帕

filmmaker vegan writer PCRM celebrity coach Darizi | OpenRice | Third Culture columnist 電影工作人 作家 美國責任醫師協會名人教練 大日子 | OpenRice | Third Culture 健康專欄作家

Your thoughts?

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