My friends and co-workers had a 24″ pizza while singing karaoke at Knight on Wyndham tonight and I just can’t help but think of the vegan pizza I had at Cafe Roma last Thursday. When a pizza is good, no words (or fluffy description) are needed. Oh, and it’s by the beach too. Enjoying a trivia Thursday night while having a thin crust veggie pizza by the beach, in front of the Tsing Ma Bridge.

Seriously, who would have thought this is possible in Hong Kong?

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About Angie P. 小帕

filmmaker . writer . PCRM celebrity coach . columnist . vegan lifestyle book to be published in 2015 純素主義電影工作人 .《大日子》《OpenRice》《Third Culture》健康專欄作家 . 純素書將會在2015年出版

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