Taken with my Samsung Android (as with most of my blog snapshots) with no edits, you can still see the texture of this deep fried taro (wu gok), a traditional and delicate dim sum item that isn’t available in every Chinese restaurant. Wu gok is made with mashed taro, stuffed with diced shiitake mushrooms etc., and deep fried in a crispy batter. It takes skills and efforts to prepare this. This is my all-time childhood favorite and I can find it in a few vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong. This was taken at Light Vegetarian Restaurant in Jordon, Hong Kong. It costs only around HK$20 (US$2.50) for this dish.

About Angie P. 小帕

filmmaker vegan writer PCRM celebrity coach Darizi | OpenRice | Third Culture columnist 電影工作人 作家 美國責任醫師協會名人教練 大日子 | OpenRice | Third Culture 健康專欄作家

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