Living fully, finding joy in every breath

I was writing this on my Android from a hospital bed after reading part of “Living Fully,” a book that Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche shares his insightful and profound spiritual treasures. Having been sick over Christmas and all the holiday weekends made me reach out to this book that has “finding joy in every breath” on the book cover.


How can I find joy with all these pain and loneliness when everyone else seems to be spending time and sharing gifts with loved ones?

I’m not sure about the answer to that yet. However, I know that whenever I read books and stories from gurus and Buddhist teachers, I seem to be one step closer to understanding humanity, life, and myself.

Veganism and Buddhism have fairly close philosophies and trains of thoughts. They both believe in compassion and no killing. Shyalpa wrote the following in this book.

“In the Buddhist tradition, it is believed that rescuing animals that are destined for slaughter not only frees them from suffering but also creates favorable conditions for our long life. More importantly, expressing compassion in this way transforms negative obstacles for those who are near death. When you truly feel compassion in your heart, everything seems to go well. Spending most of the money that remained after paying medical bills, I ransomed the lives of thousands of fish and released them back into the River Ganges on the twelfth day of my mother’s coma. Miraculously, my mother awoke and rested peacefully for the first time in weeks. Subsequently, my patents steadily regained their health.”

People in our generation are materially rich but spiritually poor. I can sense that more over the Christmas season with people shopping like crazy and kids crying for more gadgets and toys as if the only joy they can get is from the instant gratification gained from owning these material gifts.

I don’t have much luck with my physical health the last few weeks, but I hope to get control of my spiritual health with Shyalpa using these few days in the hospital.

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