NASA takes vegan diet into space

One of the NASA’s current mission “Mars Science Laboratory” is examining if Mars could have once harbored life and also if it can be another living ground for human beings.

NASA Mars Curiosity
Photo credit: NASA

“Once a base is established, a Martian-grown vegan diet could be the main source of food considering the distance and high costs of a continuous re-supply alternative and a mission objective of an enclosed bioregenerative habitat.”

You can’t be a happy NASA astronaut if you aren’t open to a vegan diet. And if any other prophets predict it’s the end of the world (again) on earth, vegans will be moving to Mars happily. Vegan diet is certainly not a fad if you have been following NASA news. They have been researching the growth and nutritional adequacy of vegetarian and vegan diets for humans habitating in Mars and other lunar bases since at least a decade ago.

For the curious mind, here’s a link to the academic paper Foods for a Mission to Mars: Investigations of Low-Dose Gamma Radiation Effects posted on NASA.


Your thoughts?

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