Toast me


I miss being able to just grab a cheap sandwich from a takeout place on route to my next meeting. However, being a vegan in Hong Kong helped me learn finding decent food wherever I go. Pret A Manger, a British sandwich chain, is my another go-to place for a quick bite.

Pret has nothing vegan on the shelf as they add cheese to almost everything with vegetables. Don’t fret. Just go to the cashier and ask for a sweet potato falafel hot wrap or veggie rocks hot sandwich made from scratch without cheese. Then, get it toasted. They make the sandwich with lettuce, tomato, roasted eggplant, red pepper, sauteed onion, and spinach on multi-grain bread, which I think really rocks, especially when it’s toasted.

Other choices include avocado and roasted pine nuts salad wrap with avocado, roasted pine nuts, tomatoes, spinach, and basil on tortilla but it has mayo (egg and dairy) in it. The healthy hummus with hummus, red pepper, cucumber and salad mix on granary bread may be another safe bet for vegans.

I have had a “veggie” sandwich with only lettuce and cheese at a high-profile technology and entertainment event in Hong Kong before. So trust me, this really rocks.

2 thoughts on “Toast me

  1. Hi Angie! Been a fan of your blog for a long time now. I’m a vegan in HK, but I’ve never actually requested cafes to make things from scratch without dairy or eggs, partly to avoid the awkwardness of inconveniencing them… I’m just wondering how you actually handle asking for these requests, and whether people have responded badly or anything. Thanks!! -Flo

    1. Hi Flo, thanks! It’s quite important to speak up if we were to survive here.😉 Just remember that you are a paying customer and it’s pretty much the same cost, if not cheaper, to ask for veggies than seafood or meat. Some restos are really cool with it.

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