Vegan Twins

Vegan Twins

My sister Eriyah and I are both petite, wear same size of clothes, have the same vegan t-shirt, love convertibles and fast cars (I love motorcycles too but I think she isn’t too into it), are passionate about living vegan, enjoy good food and cooking, and have even developed similar taste for the kind of men we like (ok, this is because she has been teaching and counseling me to look out for jerks I should stay away from).

You may still wonder why we are calling ourselves Vegan Twins when Eriyah seems to be a White girl with red hair and I look Chinese with black hair. It’s a long story and I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can. I had been sick for a long time since I was in New Mexico, and met Eriyah in Columbus, Ohio where everything magically changed because she introduced veganism and plant-based diet to me. Even my doctors couldn’t explain why I was healed without surgeries, especially when all four doctors said they wanted to remove something from my body. I told my story to the media before so I won’t repeat it here. She has been guiding me in what to eat, what to buy, and what classes to take to be a healthy vegan. The rest is history.

I’m the only child and since then I started calling Eriyah sister. She’s my first “sister” in my life. There was no female friend who was so dear and had made such a big impact in my life than her. We are close enough in lifestyle, philosophy, and thinking that I think it’s appropriate to call ourselves twins.

We just started a new cyberspace called Vegan Twins on Facebook for us to connect with like-minded people and share vegan and green resources in Hong Kong and the U.S. Eriyah has reached the limit to accept friend requests on Facebook and I needed a separate space to quickly share vegan posts without cluttering my own personal profile. So this is why we decided to create a space for us to share. Please join the conversation and feel free to share whatever resources you have. It’s a community page and we highly encourage participation.

See you there!

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