Homemade veggie lettuce wraps


Remember I wrote a post about vegan lettuce wraps last October before? The original version is usually made with pigeon meat in Hong Kong. I know. It does make you roll your eyes. P.F. Chang’s has some yummy vegetarian lettuce wraps made with tofu, mushrooms, green onions,water chestnuts, and crispy rice sticks. I used to order this appetizer as my main dish when I was in Columbus, Ohio.

Now that I’m in Hong Kong, my mother and I make our own version of veggie lettuce wraps. We stir-fry corns, mushrooms, cucumbers, dried tofu, carrots, and preserved radish, all diced and ready to be scooped into the crisp lettuce cups with some vegetarian hoi sin sauce. Don’t worry about seasoning. They taste good by default. What is not shown in this photo is that my father likes mixing rice in it too. Technically, we are putting veggie fried rice in our lettuce wraps. It’s surprisingly quite a refreshing and delicious meal.



Your thoughts?

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