Craft services on film set can be vegan.

Over the last weekend, I have been on set shooting an action film in Hong Kong. Being an actress, waiting, rehearsing, and fighting for long hours without food can be brutal. Is being a vegan making it worse? Not necessarily. I met a couple of vegetarians and pescatarians during my last film shoot with The Pantry. They are even organizing a cast and crew wrap dinner in a vegetarian restaurant next week, and I can assure you it is not my idea at all. There are just many sensitive and nice souls here in Hong Kong.

For this shoot with A Family Affair, they have fruits, chips, almonds, cookies etc. for craft services. During meal times on Saturday, they went to Tsui Wah Restaurant to get boxed dinners. If you read my previous posts, you already know that Tsui Wah is vegan-friendly. So it’s all good.


On Sunday, my call time wasn’t till 9pm, but I decided to grab a box of salad from Life Organic Restaurant & Bar and spend some time on set watching the fight scenes of my fiance Tony and his assassin. In the script, he doesn’t survive the fight and I witness the death of my love. So I thought I should spend some time with him so I would be able to handle the big emotional scene when it came my turn.

The post for Life Organic should have come much earlier as I have eaten there many times, but for some reason, I always got distracted by other information and never got around to it. This is a pretty cool vegetarian restaurant that spans across three storeys with a store and some seating on the ground floor, more tables and a bar on the second floor, and a rooftop with outdoor seating on the top level. I bought a Raw Life Salad that is made with mixed green salad, beetroot, carrot, sprouted mung bean, hummus, nutritional yeast, and mix nuts. The takeaway price is HK$35 (US$4.5). I have never had hummus in my salad before and this is probably the best choice of salad I’ve tried so far.

There are several vegetarian restaurants in Central and I think this is my choice of a more romantic setting with relatively more comfortable sitting areas. Perhaps an option for your Valentine’s Day dinner this year?

Your thoughts?

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