Veggie abalone for Chinese New Year

It’s reunion dinner for Chinese New Year last Saturday. Similar to Thanksgiving, it’s an occasion for family to get together over a feast.


My parents had some relatives over to their place for dinner, including me. My folks don’t eat that much meat but they gave into the tradition (which I think it’s unnecessary) and prepared dishes I didn’t really want to see on the table including duck, chicken, pork, oysters, prawns, and fish. As I mentioned before, all my relatives are meat eaters, so these are for them, mostly. I didn’t and won’t take a photo of that, of course. However, my mom did prepare a few dishes for me, including this veggie abalone with choi sam, a kind of Chinese vegetables. The texture was almost like the real deal but it didn’t have the fishy taste.

Thanks to the creativity of many vegetarian food companies in Hong Kong and Asia, now vegans like us can celebrate Chinese New Year in style. I’ll be posting a couple more posts about Chinese New Year soon.

Your thoughts?

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