My childhood dream: World premiere of Love Stalk

Being a gypsy, sometimes I don’t have a place to stay and sometimes I call multiple places my home. Singapore has an endearing place in my heart, a place where I’ll always call home.

This is an exciting week for my team, family, friends (especially those in Singapore), and myself. Honey, I’m home. Sorry it’s been so long.

For the first half of my life, I have felt that I’ve lived it for others – my parents, the mass, the society. Now that I grew up and can pay my own bills, I have started to live my life the way I wanted it to be since I was a kid. I have developed a deep interest in drama, acting, music, and writing since I was in kindergarten, but was never quite nurtured right. My encounters with independent filmmakers at White Sands International Film Festival in New Mexico was a turning point for me. I’ve learned that you don’t let your passion die, and it’s okay to dream big. It’s okay to be an artist too – We all grew up drawing pictures and singing happily. The challenge lies with having the courage and support to stay as an artist.

Love Stalk premiere in Substation

Here I am trying to stay as an artist and having my baby, Love Stalk, screening at the Singapore Short Film Awards 2013 in The Substation Theatre, Singapore on March 2, 2013. I can’t tell you how excited I am, being able to have my film premiered in Singapore. It is not so much about being in a film festival, it is about being able to premiere something I produced in my hometown.

So, let me give you a bit of insider story that I didn’t mention on my December 6 post. My friend in Singapore Ai Loon (whom we are deeply indebted to) told me about Singapore Short Film Awards 2013. Joe and I wanted to enter this competition but did not want to use Fast Love for our entry, so we decided to go the whole nine yards to brainstorm for story ideas, write a new script, and film an original story that can tie in the elements and culture of both Singapore and Hong Kong. We didn’t have much time doing this and knew it was a rather huge undertaking with US$500 budget and a skeleton cast and crew, all with demanding schedules. We also encountered sound issues and some hiccups with the production. I was adamant about submitting to this film festival and we could hardly make the deadline, so we ended up submitting a version that we weren’t too proud of. Similar to 48 Hour Film Project, it’s the spirit of the game. We wanted to take part in it, so we did. We knew that draft version wasn’t good enough for nominations, but my goal was to get Love Stalk premiered in a Singapore film festival by spring, so we had to go for this less-than-optimal option.

If you are in Singapore, what you’ll see on March 2 will be an edited version for screening. It’s much better than the draft version we submitted initially for competition and we also put in captions and animation, plus a range of other improvements to it. Hope you like our film. Follow us on our Singapore trip and journey via our Facebook page and my Twitter as we continue to develop this 24-minute film into a feature film in 2013.

Your thoughts?

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