Milk is for babies


Milk is for babies. Men drink protein. Saw this in a protein drinks and fresh juices store called Amino Bar in One North Station, Singapore a few days ago. It’s an ad on the shop wall but it’s a brilliant one.

As for their products, I didn’t get a chance to explore them to see if they are using plant based protein but they definitely have milk options, such as switching to full cream milk or skim milk for an additional S$0.5 (HK$3). They are contradicting their own ad message, which I thought was a bit odd. Anyway, my friend ordered a Mango Tango with vanilla protein and mango nectar that he wasn’t too impressed with and threw away after a few sips. I went for a safe option of ginger, carrot, and apple juice that tasted alright. Prices start from around S$3 (HK$18) for juices and S$6 (HK$36) for protein drinks.

More stories from Singapore will be coming soon.

Your thoughts?

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