Hey, I just met you and I am tasty.

Veganburg, Singapore

“Hey, I just met you and I am tasty. So here’s my number call me, maybe. 68-44-68-68.”

This is not a cheesy pickup line. It’s the ordering and delivery advertising message from Veganburg in Singapore, a vegan burger chain that “inspires and excites the world in introducing vegan diet into their lifestyle, as a form of sustainable diet and means of restoration for our global environment.” They now have 5 outlets in Singapore including the founding restaurant on 44 Jalan Eunos, Golden Shoe, Marina Boulevard, The Grandstand, and Orchard Gateway (opening 3rd quarter 2013). My friends and I went to check out the one in Golden Shoe for a late lunch.

It’s a cute little eatery with cozy seating. Everything on the menu is vegan, so that makes it very easy but also difficult to choose what to order at the same time. How often do I go to a restaurant and can order anything on the menu without asking if they have meat, seafood, dairy, or eggs in their food? 1% of the time, perhaps. So, naturally I was super excited about eating there at Veganburg.

I ordered a Cracked Pepper Mayo Burger set (S$9.85/HK$60) that came with a drink and Seaweed Fries and some Vegan Franks (only S$1/HK$6 with the coupons at the door) and my friend ordered a Smoky BBQ Burger set (S$10.85/HK$65) with Potato Spinach Pops (same…just S$1/HK$6 with a coupon). The patty on the cracked pepper mayo burger tasted like Boca Original Chik’n and the one in the smoky BBQ burger resembled the Boca Original Vegan Meatless Burger. Both my carnivore friends didn’t think vegan food would taste this good and were pleasantly surprised.

Try it. It’s 100% plant base, dairy free, GMO free, and with organic wholemeal bun. If you ever want to use a cheesy pickup line on me…don’t. Just say you are taking me to Veganburg and I’ll just go out with you (I’m a cheap date, but super duper cool).

Your thoughts?

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