New vegan smoothie combo


With my long hours for both my day job and film work on the side, I need to make sure every meal I eat counts. For those who know me well know I make power fruit smoothies at home every morning as breakfast.

Recently I’ve changed my recipe to avocado and a little bit of water, replacing soy milk or almond milk. It’s an economical and green decision at first since I don’t seem to be able to finish a big carton of milk on my own by the expiry date, and being an avocado lover, this is a great way to add it to my diet, not to mention avocado is a healthy source of “fat” and makes the smoothie extremely creamy and smooth.

The only challenge is to find ripe avocadoes in grocery stores in Hong Kong. It means a little planning is needed. Buy a bunch ahead of time and let them sit in your kitchen for a while. By the time you finish your current batch, your next batch will be ready.

PS I’m using hemp seed protein instead of brewers yeast and also skipping the green tea powder now.

Your thoughts?

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