Whole Earth . Peranakan . Thai

Whole Earth Peranankan Thai Vegetarian, SingaporeI have a lot to be thankful for during this Singapore trip. Not only did I successfully screen my film Love Stalk, I also chatted with the lovely Dr Jiajia (the famous kid actor on Singlish YouTube videos and Taxi! Taxi!) and his family, caught up with my good friends and also tried out the vegetarian restaurants there. Whole Earth Pernankan Thai Vegetarian was one of them.

Some of my friends in Hong Kong were worried about me not being able to eat any local delicacies. I did pretty well on this trip, especially in Whole Earth. It is Singapore’s first and only Thai-Peranakan vegetarian restaurant. They serve Pernankan cuisine such as Nyonya curry, sambal battered oyster mushroom, nutty buah keluak, assam pedas, and Penang rendang (left bottom photo). Rendang is a spicy meat dish that is originated from Indonesia. It was adapted to a Malaysian vegetarian meat dish that is made with mushrooms. It was so good that all the meat eaters at the table kept wanting for more (as usual, I was the only vegan at the table). In the top photo, those were honey roasted ribs that were the special of that day. We had a few other Thai dishes and finished the night with some Nyonya golden pumpkin with coconut milk. Main dishes cost S$12-15 (HK$72-90) on average, which are very reasonable.

I can’t wait to go back to Singapore again. I really can’t. There are so much more I wanted to do and try. The Singapore government is quite a genius in turning that tiny piece of land into a massive magnet for tourists. The diversities in art, food, and architecture, in addition to the friendly people, make Singapore one of the most amazing places on earth.


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