The secret equation for a killer body

Swimming gear for trainingI go for regular body massages as a way for relaxation and health. There are a couple of places I visit and I could almost guarantee no matter which masseuse walks in the room, they will ask the same question after around 10 minutes (they probably wanted to ask during the first 5 minutes, but decided to warm up to the conversation before they did).

“What are you taking that helped you stay so slim?”

I’m not taking any diet pills…I’m not even on diet. Don’t hate me ladies, but I’m actually trying to gain weight because I am swimming 4-5 times a week but I’m not eating nearly enough to match the calories burnt.

My slimming secret? Eating a healthy, plant-based diet helped me get a flat tummy. Digestion is never a problem, and neither is keeping the calorie intake low. If you want to accelerate the weight loss and tone your body, I highly recommend swimming. My routine involves swimming around 30 laps in a 25-meter heated pool within 30 minutes (it’s winter here in Hong Kong). The effect to my arms, thighs, and abs in a month is like me working out in the gym for 3-5 months.

Eating vegan + swimming = killer body. There’s no need for slimming machines or slimming pills. It’s a simple equation of input of food and output of energy. Those two elements are the most effective ones, in my experience.

PS I already canceled my gym membership last month. And my Thai masseuse said she started to eat vegetarian every Thursday now.



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