Big Chill in Hong Kong!

Big Chill, Hong Kong International Airport

I saw Big Chill the first time I came back from my Singapore trip early this month. My work friend Joe and I walked into the Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall of the Hong Kong International Airport and this caught my attention immediately.

Big Chill was established as a new concept serving premium quality blended shakes made with 100% fresh-cut fruit. It originates from the Greater Manila in the Philippines. As a vegan, these places in any airports are called lifesavers and heaven. We walked in and I got myself a yummy berry blast (HK$44/US$5.70) and grilled veggie wrap. They have a All-The-Veggies Wrap (HK$45/US$5.70) on the menu already but I chose to build my own from their range of ingredients. I picked spinach, tofu, chickpeas, and pumpkins for the same price (my power protein combo). And boy, it’s a big portion that could possibly last me for two meals.

Only if we have more places like these in the city, I think more people would be happy to become vegetarians and vegans.

Your thoughts?

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