Saying goodbye for now

Traditionally,  April is a month where I find myself again, make new connections away from home, and stay away from social media (at least from blogging, Twitter and Facebook). With my jobs right now, I wonder if I could be as carefree as I was in the past. I guess that’s part of the package working in Asia. You gain some but lose some.

I woke up in a bad mood. I blame myself for making a decision that I regretted and it’s my fault. I will try to make it right with the rest of the time. My twin brother said 2013 is the year for us. If there’s ever anything we want to do, we have around 300 days to make it work for us. It’s funny he said that to me a few days ago. As soon as I stepped into the new year, things have taken a turn for me and I could feel the vibe. Being an agnostic, all I could tell you is human beings aren’t intelligent enough to explain everything in the universe yet. I don’t need to get to the bottom of everything but I will ride on this streak of luck for sure.

So I want to say that this may well be my last blog post for April. I hope to be able to share some exciting news with you when a new Angie returns in May.


One thought on “Saying goodbye for now

  1. hey Angie! i am happy for you and best of luck to you riding your streak of luck! ,:)
    i am like the opposite, i have posted something almost everyday since my “retreat” started, haha! ok, look after yourself well and see you back here later! ♥

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