Thought I’ll share my new demo reel with footage from some of the work I did in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Actors don’t get a copy of their work all the time, especially for TV commercials and industrial videos. Some of the available footage were ripped from YouTube and a few were given to me. Therefore, you could see the quality of the video varied.

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy it. You’ll see me in scenes where I spoke Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. There was even one where I was fighting with a guy. Hopefully this demo reel will give producers and casting directors a better idea of who I am as an actress.

P.S. The big emotional scene where I was crying my eyes out when my fiance died didn’t make it to the cut.

About Angie P. 小帕

filmmaker vegan writer PCRM celebrity coach Darizi | OpenRice | Third Culture columnist 電影工作人 作家 美國責任醫師協會名人教練 大日子 | OpenRice | Third Culture 健康專欄作家

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