Save sharks, not face


May and June have been crazy, but in a good way. My apology for being tardy and not updating this blog from Monday to Friday as I usually do. I’m editing a simple video diary about my film trip in Singapore. Do look out for the video I’ll post on Youtube these few days. There were a few awesome vegetarian and vegan places I visited there including the vegan ice cream store Brownice and Loving Hut. Some were already blogged about and some would be soon.

I have more exciting news and information to share but for now, please allow me to share a little snippet of my life today. This is the ACRES t-shirt I’m wearing today. ACRES stands for Animal Concerns Research & Education Society, which is an organization promoting animal welfare in Singapore since 2001. I bought this t-shirt at the ADEX – Asia Dive Expo 2013 during my Singapore trip in April. It says “Save sharks, not face – Say no to shark fin soup.” Being a Chinese, sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed about this as many people still think they need to eat shark’s fin to show a certain kind of status, considering that shark’s fin has no taste itself. It really doesn’t make sense to pay hundreds of dollars for a few strands in the soup except to show that the dish is a delicacy because it has something rare in it.

So yes, please save the sharks and say no to shark’s fin soup.


One thought on “Save sharks, not face

  1. Yes, this is a problem, shark fins….it all springs from the same root cause….love and respect for life other than human. As always, the best way to do this is to live vegan. Thank you for talking about this issue. Since the sharks are in jeopardy of extinction, it needs to be said.

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