New vegan lifestyle show in Hong Kong

Angie Palmer hosting Generation V at Vegelink
Photo courtesy of Anniewho TV

From a carnivore to a vegan; from behind the scene to front of the camera; from blogging to hosting a web show. I’ve come a long way. I’m proud to announce that I’m hosting a brand new vegan lifestyle show called “Generation V” that is going to launch soon. The 6-person crew and I just shot an episode in Vegelink, one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong. We also went to Hong Kong Disneyland with my celebrity guest Kellyjackie (the Hong Kong pop singer who became famous because of her song  “他約我去迪士尼” He invites me to Disneyland)  to film another segment. This show is in Cantonese, targeting the local audience in Hong Kong as well as those in Southeast Asia.

More details will be available later. Hope you will support this local effort to promote vegan lifestyle in Hong Kong and China.

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