Dim sum as talent and crew craft services


Craft services for film crew and cast have always been an art and science. You want to feed them well so they are happy and have energy to work on set, but at the same time producers have to be conscious of cost. For the most recent project I did for Hullett House, we were working with three different photography teams and one videography team to promote Hullett House as a versatile wedding venue as well as a cool heritage site with 10 themed suites and five unique dining options.

For this three-day project, we tried ordering food from The Parlour (all-day dining restaurant with a verandah and atmosphere that resembles Raffles Hotel in Singapore) and ate in the hotel room as and when the crew and models finished their respective photo shoots. There’s a day we had a Chinese dim sum lunch in Loong Toh Yuen (Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum and traditional Cantonese dishes) with one-third of the dishes vegetarian or vegan. It’s a good team building activity too when a dozen of talents, extras and crew could sit together and chat casually. On some film sets, you won’t see that happening.

Some of the dim sum items we had included bean curd sheet roll stuffed with vegetables and bamboo piths, assorted vegetable dumplings (see photo) and sweet bean curd. Hullett House also prepared some fried rice, noodles and stir fried vegetables, among all the tantalizing dim sum dishes. I recall Beautifood prepared some beautiful and healthy salads and sushi for my 48 Hour Film Project team last year as well.  As a producer, I think this lunch at Loong Toh Yuen was probably one of the most luxurious craft services we could come up with for the team. Thank you for all the staff at Hullett House for helping us make it a successful project. It’s a great memory working in this beautiful heritage site within 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong.

Your thoughts?

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