House of Sticks


The lack of decent and creative vegan options in ice cream stores in Hong Kong makes the entrepreneurial spirit of Singaporean businesses stand out. There were more gastronomic discoveries during this trip back to Singapore.

Welcome to StickHouse on Sentosa where there are a whole array of frozen sticks with 100% natural goodies. Vegans can sample many sorbets and soya ice cream on sticks such as guava, lychee and hazelnut. Prices start from S$3.90 for sorbet and S$4.50 for soya ice cream sticks.

I opted for a lychee sorbet with dark chocolate dip and pistacchios for an additional charge of S$0.50 per topping. Being a Sentosa member, I received a 20% discount. Pretty sweet deal.

StickHouse is near Imbiah Station on Sentosa.

PS Exchange rate is approximately S$1 to HK$6.2.

Your thoughts?

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