Vegan recipe: Japanese soba meal for busy professionals

Buckwheat noodles with tofu and dumplings

Some of us are too busy or lazy to cook but it doesn’t mean we have to eat out all the time. I made this express Japanese cold soba meal a few days ago. It took less than 30 minutes.

Cook the buckwheat noodles for 5 minutes in boiling water. Then cool them down with ice cubes or cold drinking water. While that is set aside being drained, slice and pan-fry the thick marinated tofu and veggie dumplings until they are golden brown. Prepare the noodle sauce in 1 part Japanese soba sauce to 3 parts drinking water. Sprinkle thinly sliced dried seaweed and sesame on the noodles. Voila. Here’s a delish vegan meal in 30 minutes.

Where to buy the ingredients in Hong Kong:

  • Buckwheat noodles – any supermarket
  • Thick marinated tofu – International (refrigerated section), Wellcome (cooked food section), or Jusco (cooked food section)
  • Veggie dumplings – International (frozen section)
  • Japanese soba sauce – Any Japanese supermarket or Living Plaza (by Jusco)
  • Seaweed – Any supermarket
  • Sesame – Any supermarket

Your thoughts?

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