Meet the Vegans at Hong Kong Vegfest 2013

Not only will you be able to meet many vegans and vegetarians at Hong Kong Vegfest 2013, you’ll also be able to watch a brand new short film called “Meet the Vegans 營男型女“. The film is in Cantonese with English subtitles.

After being in Hong Kong for two years and a vegan for five years, I’ve accumulated more than enough materials to produce and write a screenplay for a short film about the misconception and stereotypical views of vegetarians and vegans in Hong Kong. “Meet the Vegans” is a comedic take of the non-vegan views of vegans in Hong Kong, and I want to tell others what a vegan lifestyle could be through a camera lens. Below is a behind-the-scene photo taken at a lunch scene in St George, Hullett House.

Meet the Vegans behind the scene

The film will be premiered at Hong Kong Vegfest 2013, the first vegetarian/vegan carnival in Hong Kong on October 14 (Mon) 2:00 – 2:15pm at Classroom C2, Hong Kong Adventist Academy. I’ll be emceeing on the main stage at outdoor lawn from noon but I asked my partner to cover me that time so I can attend my own premiere.

Hope to see you at Vegfest. Free admission. Those with tickets will get privilege cards at the entrance.
Date: October 14, 2013 (Monday)
Time: 10:30am -4:00pm
Venue: Hong Kong Adventist Academy, 1111 Clear Water Bay Road, Hong Kong (Take bus 91 from Diamond Hill MTR)

For more information visit here: or listen to my radio interview with Phil Whelan on Oct 10 at RTHK 3  The talk show is in English. We talked about veganism, Hong Kong Adventist hospital, Vegfest, and of course “Meet the Vegans”.

Thank you to all the 20+ cast, crew and sponsors – Derek Fist Sports Taekwon-Do Academy, XYZ Indoor Cycling Studio, Hullett House and St George – for making this film possible.

Directed and produced by Joe Fiorello & Angie Palmer

Story and screenplay by Angie Palmer

Director of photography by Joe Fiorello

Starring Angie Palmer, Jonathan B. Hudson, Joey Cheung, Skyway, and Alan Chang

More details on

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