“No option” isn’t an option.

Facebook is my source of ideas and inspirations. I find great stuff there from around the world from time to time. Below is a note posted by my vegan good friend Eriyah Flynn who lives in Columbus, Ohio now. “Jobs” is a film that greatly inspired me for what my veganism and film work and I used it as an opening for my presentation at Korean International School two days ago.

Jobs movie


I recently saw the film “Jobs” as in, Steve, not employment. I’ve been saying something for a while; “When your option is “no option” it is not an option, it is a lack of consciousness or accommodation otherwise known as discrimination.” Vegans are discriminated against almost everywhere: schools, employers, civic venues, churches and charities, sporting events, community events and virtually all social events, and especially around the holidays.

The reason I brought up the film “Jobs” is because in it, he said something profound, and remarkably on target with what I’ve been trying to convey that is the heart of why our culture is not a vegan one when 95% of our population claims to love animals and does not think they should be harmed unnecessarily, yet 95% of the population continues to harm animals unnecessarily, so they can eat/use them and their products. What Steve Jobs was quoted as saying in the film that gave me goose bumps it was so good was this:

“How do people know what they want if it doesn’t even exist yet?”

Deep down, people are vegan, but the culture they were born into never even gave them the option to live in alignment with their instinctual values of liberty, justice, happiness, respect, dignity, compassion and empathy for all earthlings.

Take us there, it is up to you to demand the world you wish to see. You have the power to demand what you want, not just accept what you are given as if it is impolite to expect an ethical and civilized society we claim to be when we distinguished ourselves from the natural world. We are natural herbivores who in this culture have been forced into the unnatural position of behavioral omnivores. Demand a better world. Love life, live vegan.

The crazy ones.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

A Life Connected by Nonviolence United

“95% believe it is wrong to unnecessarily hurt and kill helpless animals, yet 95% of people continue unnecessarily to hurt and kill helpless animals unnecessarily, so they can eat them.”


Your thoughts?

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