10,000 people to support a vegan filmmaker?

We have a world population of over 7 billion with 300 million in the U.S., 7 million in Hong Kong and 5 million in Singapore. Since vegetarians and vegans are minorities in this world, let’s assume that only 1% of the population are on a plant-based diet, so there should be over 70 million vegetarians and vegans in the world. So, if I were to find 10,000 people to support a vegan filmmaker in Hong Kong, it should not be a mission impossible. I hope you are one of the kind souls.

If you have been following my blog, you’ll have read that I wrote and produced “Meet the Vegans” and getting ready to film the feature version of “Love Stalk” next year, which would be with a veggie film set.

We aren’t just about making a movie, it’s about giving something different to film lovers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the world.  It’s about giving them a fun time at the movies that is equal parts comedy, romance, suspense and social commentary.  It’s about showcasing characters they relate to in their own special way.  Whether it’s Sharon the social media addicted expat looking for love, Joan the savvy and straight taking local girl who’s got all the luck with the guys or Ryan the smooth and mysterious gentlemen who’s seemingly too shy to talk to a woman up close for long, people will love watching these characters interact.

Love Stalk Ronan Pak & Angie PalmerLove Stalk is a Cantonese (and some English and Singlish) language feature film with English and Chinese subtitles, targeted to be distributed in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and United States.

This is a film that will change what you think about Hong Kong cinema and it needs your support.  Through our Indiegogo campaign, we’re raising US$50,000 – the funds we need to make this dream a reality.  Please support us.  Any little bit counts and is well appreciated. If 10,000 people can each contribute just US$5 (HK$40) to our campaign, which is just about the price of a cup of tea or coffee, it could have a significant impact to the Hong Kong indie filmmaking scene and also help promote the message of veganism/vegetarianism as well as responsible use of social media. Please don’t think US$5 won’t help, every bit of your support and contribution is important.

Hope to see your name on our campaign soon!

To contribute, click here: http://igg.me/at/lovestalkmovie/x/3164383

Your thoughts?

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