My vegan journey in 2014 begins here.

Love Stalk on Indiegogo

I haven’t written in this space for a while, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about promotion of a vegan lifestyle anymore. On the contrary, I’m working on a a few projects and roles that are quite revolutionary in my vegan journey so far. There are two I can’t quite share publicly yet but they will be revealed some time end January or early February. They are all about veganism and healthy lifestyle and have nothing to do with my film or theater work in Hong Kong.

Most of my energy is now on GR8 Leisure Concept, Love Stalk and Den of Thieves. As some of you already know that I’ve started crowdfunding for my film Love Stalk. It’s a Cantonese feature film that was developed from an English microfilm that I produced last year. The important thing about this project is that I want to make this movie with a vegan film set. I’m not trying – I’m doing it. And I need your help to make it happen.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our 35 funders who helped us raise US$12,285 (HK$95,823) so far. I almost thought we weren’t going to make it until a very generous contributor pumping in a big amount of money. There are 42 days left to raise US$37,715 (HK$294,177). It’s an enormous sum of money to raise for indie filmmaking in Hong Kong but I’m going to stop looking for excuses and keep working at it. We need to make it happen – there’s no other option.

If you are a vegan, vegetarian or an independent filmmaker, I would love to have your blessing and support. Please click onto our Indiegogo campaign and make any contribution you are comfortable with. No amount is ever too small and every little bit counts. There are some interesting perks you may like too, so take it as online shopping, if you will.

Thank you for helping a vegan filmmaker to make her dream come true.


Your thoughts?

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