The vegan writer & filmmaker life

Life is a journey and we’ve got to find our own path.


The writer and filmmaker life, especially the vegan path, is somewhat narrow and lonely, but it is no different than those who want to just write poetries or be a pirate. We just have to believe in what we do and keep on going no matter how many stones thrown at us or how little support we get from people around us. Most importantly, we don’t wait for opportunities. We create them.

From producing <Love Stalk> (we got into some film festivals and are finally having a private screening in Hong Kong next Monday) to writing and directing romance microfilm <The Key Hunt>, vegan microfilm <New Start>, vegan documentary <Beyond 24> and vegan online lifestyle channel <V Girls Club>, and seeing the results and response from people have proven to me that faith can move mountains. On Thanksgiving Day, I want to take a moment to thank the audience and media for taking interest in my life story, philosophy and films. Independent writers and filmmakers like to take the offbeat path because we want to tell stories that are not exactly mainstream, in a non-mainstream way. So having the support from the mass means a lot to us. Hope you have been enjoying the message and stories I have for you via my films and videos.


My newest project <V Girls Club> just started in September with the mission of introducing a vegan product, service, event or simply an eco-friendly, useful tip to people who want an alternative lifestyle. It’s important that our generation doesn’t use up all the resources Mother Earth gives us or doesn’t mess up too much in this life (the spiritual me speaking).

If we can live without killing, then why not? If we can live with love and compassion for all sentient beings, then I see no reason we don’t do it. If everybody thinks that we can’t change the world, then nobody will do anything. All the girl hosts and the guys behind us supporting our production are volunteers and have the same firing passion believing that this is the right path to take. We are powered by belief, faith and confidence. That’s all we’ve got and that’s what it’ll take us to where nobody has been and we plan to thrive there.

Your thoughts?

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