#projectLIFE #day99 Veganastic pre-order starts in China


My new vegan lifestyle book Veganastic enters China officially today! Pre-order is being accepted by a China publisher counterpart of Man Li Book in Hong Kong, and it will be delivered by the end of this month for those who placed an order early. I’ve been getting questions about an English version of this book. At this stage, there’s no plan for it but I don’t rule out any possibility. For now, it’s a priority to get the vegan and health message to the mass in Hong Kong and China as the city dwellers are moving less outdoor and eating more junk indoor. 

#第99天 《營男素女》進軍大陸!


Project L.I.F.E. – Living interestingly, fearlessly, effortlessly. 100 days to learn something new and different each day,

Project L.I.F.E. – 活得精彩,活得自如。100天的生命學習和特別任務。

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