#projectLIFE #day100 ends where it starts 


On day 100, which is the last day of project LIFE with my friend Manting,  it’s time to reconvene and reflect. This isn’t about doing something drastic or attention grabbing but is a constant effort to learn something new and tell ourselves to get outside the box a little. It doesn’t mean that we will stop trying after this day. Instead this has set a tone for us and we are now getting used to the thought of doing at least one thing different or new every day. 

There are lots of days when I couldn’t really share publicly what I did that’s different. However, making it public has made it a commitment that I can’t overlook. And this is what I chose to do versus Manting who preferred not to share online. 

I encourage everyone to try Project LIFE once in a lifetime, be it just a week or 30 days. It will change your perspective about life and make it more meaningful and fun. Even just like what Dallas Clayton suggested on Instagram, just chatting with your friends about how you met and who you’ll become one day could already be a satisfying project LIFE. 

Listen, love, laugh and let go. Most importantly, be who you are and be happy. 

#第100天 終極的100天,以後每天的動力。


Project L.I.F.E. – Living interestingly, fearlessly, effortlessly. 100 days to learn something new and different each day,

Project L.I.F.E. – 活得精彩,活得自如。100天的生命學習和特別任務。

Your thoughts?

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