About the author

filmmaker 電影工作人

personal trainer 素食健身教練

vegan coach 純素教練

speaker 講者

writer 作家

PCRM celebrity coach 美國責任醫師協會名人教練

green columnist 健康專欄作家


A writer and filmmaker, Angie P. 小帕 started this site in October 2007 and has been updating it regularly with content from Alamogordo, Holloman AFB and New Mexico. From December 2011, she decided to document her journey towards a healthy, green and vegan lifestyle after constant requests and encouragements from her friends, especially after her successful recovery from cancer by purely adopting a plant-based diet.

Her latest updates and press mentions can be found on her social network.

8 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hi, I just came across your blog about going vegan in Honk Kong. I think that’s very admirable to be putting animals and your health first, even when it might be difficult. I am in the UK and it’s very easy here, I went vegan in January and am loving it, thank you for your blog 🙂

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Christians, Catholics or some religions believe in heaven and hell, but I do not have any religions and that’s why I said I wasn’t sure where he could be. I’m not judging or hinting the possibility of hell as you suggested. He was a very dear friend and co-worker and I certainly believe that he will rest in peace in a good place…wherever it may be.


  3. HI i am responding to ur blog about Adrian Guerrero and i was wondering what you meant by “i am not sure where he is now….” i found this a little confusing. and if your referencing to heavenn or hell i dont feel you are the one to be judging that or even refrencing to this in a way that hints towards the possibility of hell.

  4. I am interested in becoming a better speaker and I do enjoy the ease and simplicity that your website provides regarding useful information about this region in Southern New Mexico, as well as the Toastmaster’s group affiliated with Holloman AFB. Thank you for sharing your information with us.

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